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Simplicity, care, and low prices – Mobile Marketing Article

What a surprise, a post on our own website talking about how amazing we are. Of course, we are going to advocate that we are the best SMS provider out there, it would be pretty foolish to say otherwise. This is why we understand that for those reading this post some may take it with a pinch of salt. However, we do think we are great. Over the past few decades, yes decades, that Text Marketer has been around, we…

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5 Reasons Why Businesses Love Online SMS – Mobile Marketing Article

Have you ever heard of Matti Makkonen? No? Well he is the Finnish engineer who invented SMS. Way back in ’92 he designed a simple communication technology that took the world by storm. 27 years later, online SMS is one of the most effective direct marketing channels, used by millions of businesses worldwide to reach their customers. In this blog, I’ll share the top 5 reasons why businesses are exploiting online SMS in 2019. Its a long one, so might…

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