Online Marketing Best Practices

WEBINAR ON 10.24.19 | The PPC Playbook: Taking Command of Your Campaigns in the Age of AI – Email Marketing Article

Is your pay-per-click strategy in dire need of updating? If you’re using the same old strategies to win at pay-per-click, there’s a huge chance that a ton of other PPC experts are using them too. So, if you want to get ahead and crush the competition, you’re going to need better, more tactical strategies and ways for creating and optimizing your PPC campaigns. If you’re ready to retire (or at least upgrade) your old PPC playbook and replace it with…

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ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | MARKETING MAKEOVER: How to Stand Out in a Content Saturated World – Email Marketing Article

At the core of modern marketing lies a couple of common questions… How do I make my business stand out with all this noise? How do I stop wasting money every day on stuff that doesn’t work? Sounds familiar? Thankfully, there’s a surprisingly easy answer, and it has to do with our collective confusion with sales vs. marketing. In this on-demand event, Pinpointe and award-winning marketing expert & strategist Antoine Dupont show you tools and techniques for effectively creating remarkable…

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