Online Customer Experience

This Is the Worst Customer Service Mistake You Can Make – Marketing Article

We’ve all experienced really bad customer service at some point in our lives. Whether it was failure to resolve an issue to our satisfaction (“sorry, no refund!”), or interminable waiting on hold, or outsourced customer service that really has no meaningful connection to the brand we engaged with, there’s plenty of frustration. However, we should consider, perhaps even admit, customer service, as an industry, has improved over the years due to technology, CRM systems, and, perhaps most importantly, social media.…

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The Ultimate Guide to Customer Experience – Marketing Article

Not long ago, companies believed they could compete on price.  Empires were built on the ability to squeeze savings out of production and efficiency out of employees. Companies like Walmart became synonymous with “low cost,” while offering minimal (sometimes sub-optimal) service, and similar concepts began to crop up in other consumer-facing industries. Amazon cut prices within e-commerce, Costco rolled out the warehouse model, and RyanAir started offering no-frill flying options. This worked. For a while. But with the proliferation of…

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