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Ask the Experts: How Do You Know When It’s Time to Reevaluate and Rework Your Online Community? – B2B Marketing Article

Part of what makes someone an exceptional online community manager is the ability to pinpoint exactly what resonates with members and pivot when you’re not offering what they’re looking for. In the two years that he’s been running Webroot’s customer advocate community, Senior Communications Manager, Drew Frey, has become well-acquainted with this fact. Webroot, a Carbonite company, works to protect businesses and individuals against cyber threats through the power of the cloud and artificial intelligence. They launched the “Luminaries” community in 2017, with…

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Ask the Experts: 5 Tips for Getting Value From Your Online Community with GE Digital’s Mary-Leslie Davis – B2B Marketing Article

A truth that marketing teams now have to contend with is that consumers simply don’t trust brands anymore. Companies need to adapt accordingly by making sure they’re in touch with what their customers are thinking, feeling, and saying. In light of this shift, we’ve seen new roles pop up throughout organizations that focus on bringing the voice of the customer into the boardroom. For this reason, Influitive CEO Mark Organ views customer marketing as the most exciting area of marketing…

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