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5 Omnichannel Marketing Ideas for Black Friday and Holiday Campaigns – Email Marketing Article

Black Friday and the holiday season is just around the corner and all marketers are getting ready like crazy. Be it an entry-level or big brand – everyone is eager to get its piece of holiday shopping cake. The biggest headache for most of the merchants is how they can stand out from that overwhelming flow of promotional messages that all businesses send. How should they reach their customers and earn their attention? Obviously, there is no single recipe for…

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How to Increase Your Ecommerce Revenue by Leveraging Social Commerce – Email Marketing Article

Running an ecommerce store in the ‘hotly contested’ digital marketplace is a tricky affair. Everyone is working hard to outdo each other – investing in the best ecommerce platform software, employing ‘topnotch’ marketing strategies and offering the best customer experiences. Businesses want to stand out. They want to dominate our competitors. But most importantly, they want to get more value for every single coin ploughed into their business. One of the ways to stay on top is by increasing ROI…

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