Decoy Marketing – Neuromarketing – Marketing Article

Want to sell more of a product or service? Here’s a counterintuitive idea: offer your customers a similar, but inferior, at about the same price. It’s unlikely that they will buy the less attractive item, but you should see a jump in sales of the item you are trying to sell. That’s decoy marketing. Shaving Aisle Decoy Here’s a real-world example. The last time I needed a can of shaving gel, I found myself staring at a shelf full of…

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AdAge: Neuromarketing More Than Snake Oil – Marketing Article

Credit: Illustration by Tam Nguyen/Ad Age AdAge, the most visible media outlet in the advertising industry, has cautiously endorsed consumer neuroscience with the headline, Time to Rethink Neuromarketing; It’s No Longer Just Snake Oil. Jack Neff, author of the AdAge article, bases the more optimistic view of neuromarketing on multiple factors. He notes that Nielsen’s consumer neuroscience unit now has 16 labs globally, with five in the U.S. The research firm has also been willing to validate its neuromarketing studies…

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