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3 Ways to Reduce Friction and Increase Mobile Conversions – Mobile Marketing Article

It all boils down to reducing friction Friction occurs when there’s a barrier between browsing and purchasing. This translates to lower RPV (revenue per visitor) and essentially hits you where it matters — in the number of products you sell. Here are three things that Imagination Media have found that specifically help to reduce friction and convert more visitors to customers: 1. Load time People are busy and impatient — most mobile shoppers are looking for a quick, efficient experience.…

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Mobile Optimization Initiative: Switching Retailers Onto Checkoutless Commerce – Mobile Marketing Article

Simple, fast payment processes won’t detract from the customer journey if implemented correctly. The technology can be tailored to each retailer’s requirements. Quick payment can also encourage impulse purchases, while passwords, biometrics, and face recognition functionality add enhanced security and increase confidence. Mobilize the opportunity Convenience is the new commodity online, and checkoutless commerce is an integral part of this. The retail industry can be transformed by embracing technology that makes life more convenient for customers but requires different psychology.…

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