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Is Apple Going to Embrace RCS? – Mobile Marketing Article

November 19, 2019 Video Lessons  In this article, we reveal the current RCS adoption rate prediction for the United States, and we talk about Apple’s role in the future developments of this messaging protocol. According to Nick Lane, founder and chief industry analyst from mobile market research company Mobilesquared, RCS messaging will have a 100 million United States users by the end of 2020. The important question is however: Will iPhone holders be a part of those 100…

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Short Code Texting: What Are Dedicated Short Codes? – Mobile Marketing Article

October 4, 2019 Video Lessons  In this short code texting article, we answer the question: What Are Dedicated Short Codes? Before we explain the meaning of a dedicated short code, it is important to first take a look at what short codes are. Short codes are phone numbers with five to six digits.Brands use these codes to communicate with their customers. A short code phone number can look something like 12345 or 123456.   The Two Types of…

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