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Rune raises $2 million to use AI to find friends for mobile gamers – Marketing Article

Rune has raised $2 million in funding in its effort to use artificial intelligence to help find friends for mobile gamers. Rune is a Y Combinator accelerator grad, and it was built by two doctoral students who dropped out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Sanjay Guruprasad and Bjarke Felbo. They started their company by asking a simple question: Can AI find you friends? Users have spent more than 50,000 hours talking on voice chat and gaming with friends they…

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Best Casino Games for Console Players – Mobile Marketing Article

If you’re a seasoned console player, be it Xbox, PlayStation, Switch or PC, chances are you’ll have a certain style of game that you prefer above all others. Maybe you’re a fan of real-time, online multiplayer games with a strong competitive edge. Perhaps your thing is adrenaline-fuelled racing games or complex puzzle-solving mysteries. Maybe it’s lengthy cinematic games, rich in depth and dialogue, or perhaps you prefer more luck-based games, where victory is based on the roll of a dice,…

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