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The Rise of E-Grocery in MENA – Mobile Marketing Article

25 Jun The Rise of E-Grocery in MENA – Market Size & Statistics Recently, the MENA region has witnessed dynamic and fast-paced development across various sectors. Moreover, the e-commerce industry has especially been booming with the rapid transition to a digital world. This e-commerce industry boom is owing to not just the high internet and smartphone penetration rates (with some countries in the region being ranked the highest in the world), but it also due to the long time spent…

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Food & Delivery Apps Market Research 2019 – Mobile Marketing Article

21 May Food & Delivery Apps Market Research 2019 Market Size and Big 4 The food delivery apps grow and make it more attractive for time-starved consumers and generations millennial and Z. According to Allied Market Research, the market for delivery mobile apps to hit $16.6 in 2023. The market was valued at about $3.79 billion in 2017. The food delivery market segment is predicted to grow the fastest at 28% by 2023.   The food delivery services like GrubHub,…

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Mobile App Splash Screens: How To Get It Right? – Mobile Marketing Article

Do you know those simple screens without buttons which appear when an app is launched and disappear after a little while? Those are launch screens and represent another proof that every little detail counts when it comes to offering an amazing first impact for your users. It seems so hard to manage all the factors that influence a customer’s decision to continue with your application, but there are many opportunities to solve all these challenges. We are about to present…

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