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App Samurai | The Rise of Mobile Health Apps – Mobile Marketing Article

29 Apr The Rise of Mobile Health Apps We live in a world where if something can be digital, it will be. In this sense, mHealth has contributed to this transformation in recent years. As a study reveals, 60% of the time we spend in the digital world is spent using applications. A use that has increased 111% in the last 3 years. As if it were a chapter of ‘Black Mirror’ seen years ago, nowadays we use apps for…

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Mobile App Splash Screens: How To Get It Right? – Mobile Marketing Article

Do you know those simple screens without buttons which appear when an app is launched and disappear after a little while? Those are launch screens and represent another proof that every little detail counts when it comes to offering an amazing first impact for your users. It seems so hard to manage all the factors that influence a customer’s decision to continue with your application, but there are many opportunities to solve all these challenges. We are about to present…

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