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Celebrating One Year of Facebook MMP – Mobile Marketing Article

Valentine’s Day is an extra special day at Branch: Exactly one year ago today, we officially announced our inclusion in the Facebook MMP program. Prior to that milestone, Branch offered a robust deep linking and attribution platform that customers used for their earned and owned media channels. Branch’s deep links drove better customer experiences from those channels, and some clients found this so valuable that they chose to use Branch links in their ad campaigns (even though we did not…

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Empower your Mobile Strategy with our Mobile-focused Sessions at Summit – Mobile Marketing Article

The data you need to know about customer behavior, conversions, and engagement is at your fingertips with Adobe’s mobile analytics capabilities. Learn how to report and utilize relevant data points and deliver impact. Build a mobile strategy to exceed customer expectations, find solutions that lead to acquisition, engagement, optimization, and retention. Learn how to align and unify data across platforms. This is only a snippet of a Mobile Marketing Article written by Gustavo Mazal Source link

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