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[New Feature] Top Creatives is Released! – Mobile Marketing Article

November 7, 2019 4 min read Competition in the ad world is fierce! Keeping up with the newest trends require constant analysis and iteration. Yet, analyzing millions of ads can be very tiring especially if you have a mobile game where the competition gets crazy! That’s precisely the reason we keep updating our Ad Intelligence product – to ease your pain in user acquisition and make it fun.  Knowing that ad intelligence plays a crucial role in the success of…

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[New Feature] Category Keywords is live! – Mobile Marketing Article

September 23, 2019 3 min read As MobileAction, we know that ASO is a repetitive and tedious work! To make the job of ASO warriors easier, we constantly improve our existing products and create new solutions.  Keyword Tracking is one of the most used and beloved features of our ASO intelligence product. You’re already using it to iterate on your ASO strategies, see the performance of your selected keywords, and of course, discover new ones. So far, you have been…

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Apple Search Popularity – Decoded – Mobile Marketing Article

We at Mobile Action feel fortunate to have revealed 3 insights about Apple Search Popularity which will help our users a great deal with their ASO endveours. In this blog post, we will not only reveal these insights but also discuss their implications for ASO practitioners. With the help of these insights, they will be able to design more effective ASO strategies for their apps! If you are an ASO practitioner and would like to share your opinions and thoughts…

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