So You Want to Market to Millennials? | Elite Digital Marketing – Email Marketing Article

Millennials are a misunderstood yet seriously sought-after demographic in the marketing world. Every marketer longs to attract millennials — since they’re the largest living generation with such tech-driven natures — but there’s something entirely different about Gen Y that makes appealing to them a notoriously difficult task. “Millennials are eschewing the old way of doing things: they don’t click on banner ads, buy print magazines, read snail mail or watch traditional network television. It begs the question: Is…

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The Problem in Hiring Skilled Marketers – B2B Marketing Article

Businesses have embraced digital technologies at a rapid pace. By 2020, digital technologies could add $1.36 trillion to the world’s total economic output. And yet, digital marketers who took a competency test scored an average of just 38%, with only 8% of those tested showing entry-level skills. What is going wrong?

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Ageism in B2B Tech Marketing? – B2B Marketing Article

Since the beginning of time, thought leaders have proclaimed that technology is transforming marketing forever, just like it has done for so many other professions. B2B tech marketing especially is seen as a fast-paced, ever-changing field where you have to keep up or get left behind. While all this is true, I am adamant that much and little has changed in the world of marketing… and marketers. And this stagnation is what makes the older marketers still relevant. This is…

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