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Forget Content. Conversion is King for Digital Marketing – B2B Marketing Article

After 23 years in digital marketing – last month was our anniversary! – we’ve seen and heard a lot. Like the “content is king” mantra alluded to in the headline above. And we’ve heard just about every possible reason from clients for why they want to build or update a website. Some have wanted to change the world. A few have be dead certain that once their site launched, riches and retirement would follow, probably within days. (And we could…

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Website Technical Performance’s Impact on Website Marketing Performance – B2B Marketing Article

Although we do technical work – hard not to when you’re building websites, developing email campaigns, and doing search engine optimization – our audience (that’s you!) is mostly made up of marketers. And while there are exceptions, most of you don’t want to dig too deeply into the technologies that deliver your marketing magic. Your eyes glaze over … That’s understandable. But I’m going to ask you to come along for a short technology ride because your website’s marketing performance hinges at…

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Revisiting Website Analytics Basics for Digital Marketing – B2B Marketing Article

From the archives this week, one of our most popular posts. It’s pretty timeless material, from the fear of even thinking about the firehose of data that Google Analytics sprays at you to the importance of understanding how your audience is consuming and engaging with your content. (And which content they prefer.) If you do nothing else, at least set up alerts or reports to track page visits, pages per visit, and visit duration. As you gain comfort with these…

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