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How they work and how to set them up – Email Marketing Article

You’ve probably seen webhook integrations in a few of your applications, and you’re wondering what they are and if you should be using them. And it’s something to consider, as webhooks are growing in popularity. Data from Google trends shows how interest for webhooks has increased over the past five years. While it’s clear webhooks are in demand, what exactly are they? What is a webhook? Webhooks are one of a few ways web applications can communicate with each other.…

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Customer onboarding: A data-driven approach – Email Marketing Article

Customer onboarding is key to ensuring new users engage and experience value from a product or service. Using data to deliver a personalized onboarding journey can help customers experience value more quickly, and improve customer activation and retention rates. Much of Facebook’s early traction is attributed to what their VP of Growth, Alex Schultz described as creating a magical moment for their users. A magical moment, also known as an ‘aha moment’, happens when a customer realizes the value of…

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