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When Emails Get Ultra Personal – Email Marketing Article

Email personalization is everywhere around us in marketing, especially in email marketing. There have been many takes on email list segmentation already, with a focus on stats and technology. We’re going to look at things a little differently now and focus on the psychographics of segmentation. Get ready for the ‘dark arts’ of marketing and how they’re being used on you already. What Is Psychographics? Psychographics is the study and classification of people according to certain qualities and criteria, such…

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Emerging Email Marketing Trends to Survive 2019 & Beyond – Email Marketing Article

Today’s digital marketers can’t afford to ignore a powerful tool that is email marketing. The channel is far from dead; in fact, it allows marketers to combine old-school methods with new digital marketing techniques. Despite the inception of social media and other marketing platforms, email remains to be a valuable venue for businesses. Email is the one and true channel where brands can build personal relationships with new and existing customers. Unlike social media networks, email lets marketers segment and…

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