Hosted Landing Pages vs. Embedded Forms – B2B Marketing Article

A client asks: “Should we be hosting our campaign landing pages in Marketo?  We’ve always hosted them on our main site and simply embedded Marketo forms.  Is there a big advantage to hosting them separately?” This question comes up all the time in client work, and not just with Marketo customers.  The most common reasons given for hosting landing pages as part of a company’s main Website are these: *  It allows us to derive SEO benefit from site traffic…

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Marketing Automation: The Ultimate Integration Overview | Marketing Automation Experts – B2B Marketing Article

Importance of Data Integration When we’re evaluating the best-suited marketing automation platform (MAP) for new potential clients, one of the biggest questions we ask is where their existing data is housed. While marketing automation has been around for over a decade, many organizations – small and large – are still not aware of what marketing automation even offers, or that there are integrations available with their existing data. Why might you want to connect your existing data? There are many…

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Outsourcing Marketing Automation – Expectation vs. Reality Wing It Podcast Ep. 29 | Marketing Automation Experts – B2B Marketing Article

We were inspired by a LinkedIn post from Sara McNamara, about the challenges of building your own marketing automation team vs. outsourcing it to an agency (like Goose Digital!). We tackle Sara’s post and offer our own views and experiences; the reality and expectations from outsourcing to a digital marketing automation agency. Thanks for checking out the Wing It Podcast! Tune in each episode to see Goose Digital staff (and the occasional guest), discuss digital marketing strategy, industry news, and exciting MarTech…

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