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Free Website Migration SEO Checklist – Marketing Article

After many months of preparations, your new website is ready to go live; you’ve done everything that you needed to do to make sure that the design and development are looking great, swiftly after switching to your new website your organic traffic starts to drop.  Fear fills your eyes, but you remember a site relaunch can sometimes cause an initial slump in organic traffic. You assume that it’s normal and start to relax. But after days, weeks and months, your website…

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Facebook Pixel Update & What You Need To Know – Marketing Article

Have you recently received an email like the one below, which I got a few days ago from Facebook?   Important Facebook pixel update Hi Helen, On 24 October, Facebook will begin offering businesses a first-party cookie option with the Facebook pixel. This change is in line with updates made by other online platforms, as use of first-party cookies for ads and site analytics is becoming the preferred approach by some browsers. Businesses have long relied on cookies to serve ads to relevant audiences and understand visits…

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