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GroundTruth offers automated store ‘visit optimization’ tool for self-service platform – Mobile Marketing Article

Location intelligence provider GroundTruth announced that its self-service advertising platform will offer an automated visit-optimization capability. That means bidding is optimized for campaigns and creatives that drive physical store visits. It will become available in January 2020. Range of location-related targeting options. The company’s self-service Ads Manager offers a range of location-based targeting options including audience targeting, location and weather-based targeting. Audience targeting is based on profiles generated from offline behaviors (e.g., airport or gym visitation) but can also be combined…

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A story of a loyalty app: How mobile applications can keep improving your customer experience – Mobile Marketing Article

Having incorporated mobile applications into our daily lives, it’s extremely difficult to imagine a world without them. This is also why statistics such as those reporting that the average smartphone owner uses about 30 apps per month come as no surprise to anyone. At the same time, knowing that an ordinary retail customer is active in six or seven loyalty programs, we can reasonably assume that those 30 applications must include at least one loyalty app – though we should…

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