Marketing tactics

How to get rhythm in your marketing – B2B Marketing Article

When a buyer is ready to talk, we need to talk with them right away. And if they’re not, we need to follow up. But what is the right cadence? How quickly should I follow up? How quickly should my next and my next and my next correspondence be? How many should there be? Landing the right cadence – That’s what we’re going to explore in this month’s blog. Timing is everything When you say something is just as important…

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You’re Looking at the Marketing Funnel the Wrong Way. Here’s Why… – B2B Marketing Article

You’d be hard pushed to find a marketer who doesn’t use a marketing funnel somewhere in their marketing strategy. Our relationship with funnels goes way back… However, how accurate is our understanding of the funnel model? This article points out the fundamental flaw of looking at the marketing funnel the wrong way. Read on to discover how you can adopt the right perspective and in turn build better demand generation programs built on insight and accurate audience data. Reading time:…

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The B2B Decision Making Unit (DMU); The Real Faces of Persuasion – B2B Marketing Article

Reading time: 4 minutes We kicked off our new B2B Marketing Mini Series on Segmentation with an article exploring 5 common pitfalls many Account based marketing (ABM) strategies fall down (read full article here). One main obstacle identified was the neglect to factor all the different members of the decision making unit (DMU) into your B2B marketing segmentation strategy. The Harvard Business Review estimates that “the number of people involved in B2B solutions purchases has climbed from an average of…

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