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The New Role Of Marketing · Forrester – B2B Marketing Article

Featuring: Shar VanBoskirk, Vice President, Principal Analyst Show notes: The purpose of business is changing. Rather than differentiating through a product or business model, companies now need to deliver an ecosystem of value to their customers — and marketing will serve as the catalyst for this change. Historically, marketing organizations were responsible for one thing: promotion. But this sole purpose won’t cut it anymore. Marketing’s new role is to operate at the front line — meeting and understanding the customer…

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Marketing Innovation Starts And Ends With Customer Obsession – B2B Marketing Article

Despite all the monumental changes to technology and media that afford marketers the capabilities to build emotion-rich customer relationships, they frequently struggle to rise above roles as brand despots or sales vassals. But don’t blame the tools; it’s because marketing functions are mired in minutiae while prioritizing internal tasks and artificial organizational constraints over solving customer problems. Existing talent and mindsets are also misaligned with the goals of nurturing customer relationships and challenging new ideas. Companies seeking to become customer-obsessed…

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