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“Process” might sound like red tape, but for enterprise marketing, the ROI is relief | Yesler – B2B Marketing Article

Marketers, let me know if this sounds familiar: Too much to do, too little time. When tasks land on your desk, you dive in headfirst. You frequently take an ad-hoc approach to managing your projects. If this describes you on your enterprise marketing team, then dialing in the way you intake your marketing projects might be what you need to stop losing valuable time, effort, and revenue. The word “process” holds some unfavorable connotations. Process means red tape. Process is…

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Measuring the ROI of content marketing – B2B Marketing Experiences – B2B Marketing Article

  Despite a huge surge in adoption of content marketing, measuring the business impact or calculating the ROI of content marketing is complicated. “How do I calculate content marketing ROI” is one of the questions I get the most from people wanting to start with content marketing. Often, when it comes to content marketing, marketers are struggling to build their own business case internally. With this post I want to demystify the field of content marketing ROI, and provide some…

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