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Really Masterclasses – Where to start with content – B2B Marketing Article

Not every prospect is ready to convert at the same time, and it can take a bit of a nudge to push some prospects down the sales funnel. As a lead generation agency, we use content to achieve this goal, and considering it generates 3X the ROI of traditional marketing programmes, the juice is definitely worth the squeeze.[i]  So, whether you are completely new to content marketing, or your current strategy is not having the desired effect, this is the…

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Keeping your marketing on track amid the chaos – B2B Marketing Article

In this time of uncertainty, you have likely seen a shift in marketing focuses while businesses find their feet with this new remote way of working. As a B2B demand generation agency, we know first- hand that the one thing you must not cancel or slow down is your lead generation and marketing efforts. Here we discuss some ways to keep things ticking over amid the current chaos.

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8 tips to optimise your B2B database for 2020 – B2B Marketing Article

No matter how creative or high impact your B2B campaigns are, without good quality data, they just won’t deliver. If you want to start Q1 strong, now’s the time to audit and refresh your B2B prospect database. This will ensure pinpoint accuracy, insights on key decision-makers and of course, volume – the perfect trio for maximising response. So, with this in mind, here’s our top tips to optimise your data for the coming year…   Appending your current campaign data…

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