Marketing Heroes

Marketing Heroes: A q&a with Email Expert Kate Barrett – Email Marketing Article

We spoke with Kate Barrett one of our Marketing Heroes. Kate is an IDM tutor and the founder of eFocus Marketing, providing specialist email marketing consultancy, management and training services to companies around the world. Please introduce yourself Hi, I’m Kate Barrett and I’m the founder of eFocus Marketing. I’ve been lucky enough to work in marketing and more specifically, email marketing, for over 13 years’ now for a variety of clients around the world, big and small; including Nissan, Marks & Spencer, Argos,…

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Marketing Heroes: A q&a with eCommerce expert, Chloe Thomas – Email Marketing Article

We recently spoke with Chloe Thomas, an ecommerce marketing specialist and author of the recent global best seller “eCommerce Marketing” book. Discover what inspires her, the challenges she feels marketers face and her tips on what you should be focusing on in 2020. Meet Chloe… Please introduce yourself I’m Chloe Thomas, founder author and podcast host at eCommerce MasterPlan. Please tell us about your business I’ve been in the eCommerce industry for over 15 years and eCommerce MasterPlan is all…

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Marketing Heroes: A q&a with Yifei Chai – Email Marketing Article

Yifei Chai is most definitely a Marketing Hero. His work focuses on innovation, creative thinking and especially any type of experiential execution that triggers human emotion. We are really excited to have interviewed Yifei to bring you a little insight into the wonderful mind of this great innovative creator…. Please introduce yourself Hi my name is Yifei Chai, ECD at UNIT9 Please tell us about your business UNIT9 is an Advertising Production Company, who recently won AdAge production company of…

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