Marketing and Sales Alignment

Align Marketing and Sales to Streamline the Buying Experience: 4 Imperatives – B2B Marketing Article

In Deloitte: The Future of B2B Sales is “Experience Selling, Bob Thompson relates a discussion he had with Harry Datwani, a Principal at Deloitte Digital about his company’s research on the B2B buying experience. According to Datwani, the study was conducted because the B2B buying process is changing rapidly — driven by customers/buyers. The report notes that “B2B buyers are being influenced by their experiences as consumers” and that the “B2B buyer is shifting from buying products and solutions to buying…

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Why Superficial Sales-Marketing Alignment Isn’t Enough – B2B Marketing Article

Astute B2B marketing and sales professionals have long recognized the importance of having a productive relationship between marketing and sales, and many B2B companies have been working to build such relationships for more than a decade. So it’s understandable that sales-marketing alignment has been a hot topic in B2B marketing and sales circles for the past several years. Overall, there’s no doubt that most companies have made at least some progress toward creating a more productive relationship between marketing and…

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