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Understanding the Role of a Technical SEO Audit – Marketing Article

I’ve been in this “thing of ours” for 21 years now. And for about 12-13 years of that, I’ve been doing audits (technical and forensic). A lot of them, too. From mom-and-pop shops to Fortune 500s – I’ve been there and done that. Over that time, my processes have evolved. Interestingly, SEO audits really weren’t nearly as commonly talked about in the past as they are today. Because, you know, everyone just went from “throw a few links at it”…

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B2B Marketers: How to Stop Worrying and Learn to Love Paid Media | Yesler – B2B Marketing Article

Self-driving cars. Medical implants made with 3D printers. Refrigerators with built-in LED screens (so you can see what’s inside them without having to open the door). Looking around at all the available data, there’s no denying it: The future is now. And this miraculous future we already inhabit is largely underpinned by data-driven technologies, which continue to spur innovation and growth across countless industries and change the way we go about our lives. But while we in the world of…

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