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Do You Want Intent Data with That? – B2B Marketing Article

If you could layer third-party intent data into every lead gen program you run, would you do it? In other words, would you only ever want marketing leads from prospects pre-determined to be actively researching your category, solution, use case, etc.? My argument: no, you wouldn’t. I was part of a client conversation recently about the merits of different demand generation channels (paid social, content syndication, email, search, etc.) and this particular marketing exec was quick to reject the idea…

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How to Add Landing Page Services to Your Agency Offering – Marketing Article

As an agency owner, growing your revenue per account has a significant impact on your bottom line. The challenge is doing this while also producing considerable ROI upgrades for your clients. You want to knock their socks off and extend client lifetimes, sure, but that means you need to make every dollar they spend do twice the work. That’s a tough ask. After all, a lot of agency time (and energy) gets spent optimizing traffic to the top of the…

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