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5 Reasons Why I Don’t Like or Use Automated SEO Reports – B2B Marketing Article

The owner of small industrial company called. “We’re paying $500 a month for ongoing SEO,” said the business owner. “But I don’t understand why we’re not getting inquiries. According to our SEO report, our site has an SEO score of 82!” Errrr . . . . “Would you mind sending me that report?” I asked. As soon as my team and I reviewed it, we knew the SEO “expert” was not being honest with the business owner. By giving him…

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Google Page Speed Scores — Do They Really Matter? (Hint: It Depends) – B2B Marketing Article

Site speed is an important element of usability for your visitors and search engine optimization. A slow loading site can easily frustrate prospects and can cause them to leave before making a purchase or getting in touch. Slow load times also play a role with how a website ranks; site speed is one of over two hundred ranking factors that Google uses. Google now gives you the ability to view your page speeds from within Google Analytics. To find the…

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Google’s Expanded Image Grid – Manufacturing Websites – B2B Marketing Article

Google’s expanded image grid for “No crush wheels” When it presents images for a search result, Google generally displays four to five images arranged horizontally on a single line. However, we recently came across the above expanded image grid for the search result, “no crush wheels.” The expanded grid features 12 images – and it was located at the top of the page! (Often, the smaller grids appear mid-page.) We saw this same expanded image grid for mobile, too. What…

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