Maintaining Company Culture in Times of Crisis – B2B Marketing Article

It’s a typical interview, and a business owner asks the would-be employee, “Do you think you would be a good fit with our company culture?” Or maybe the interviewee, given the chance to ask a question, chimes in, “Can you tell me a little about the culture?” With the attention we pay to “culture,” you’d think we were all amateur anthropologists. But there is a reason it plays a significant role in how we think about businesses today. Identifying and…

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How to Manage a Remote Workforce – B2B Marketing Article

A decade ago, the idea of a remote workforce seemed impossible. With today’s technology, though, it has never been easier for people to work remotely and for employers to offer flexibility to their employees. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses pivoted to a primarily remote workforce to continue operating without risking workplace exposure to the novel coronavirus. This emergency measure served as proof positive that remote work is an effective and realistic method of doing business, and many businesses could…

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