Do You Really Need a New Website? – Now with Video! – B2B Marketing Article

I’ve written any number of times in the past on the idea that you may not really need a new website as often as you think you do: here, here, and here, for example. Do you really need a new website? No really, do you really need a new website? Seriously, you don’t think you really need a new website, do you? Now, Robert Weiss and his team at Multivision Digital just helped me create a new video in which I…

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Website Marketing Effectiveness Checklist for 2020 – B2B Marketing Article

If you’ve already missed two days at the gym and the wine bottle is calling your name even though you promised yourself a Dry January, you may be feeling a little blue. Cheer up! I’ve got just the New Year’s resolution to get you back on track. It won’t help you lose weight or get your body beach-ready, but it will improve your website’s marketing effectiveness. Though you should be doing many of these things as part of your regular…

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Using WordPress to Power Your Digital Marketing – WordCamp NYC 2019 Presentation – B2B Marketing Article

Please click the link below to download the slides from Andrew Schulkind’s presentation at WordCamp NYC 2019. It includes tips on powering your digital marketing with WordPress and related tools, as well as general digital marketing strategies. Using WordPress to Power Your Digital Marketing (PDF) A video recording of the presentation will follow when it is made available by WordCamp NYC organizers. (It’s an all-volunteer event, so please be patient.)     This is only a snippet of a B2B…

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