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6 Low Cost Sales Generation Ideas (Finale) + 2 Bonus Ideas – Marketing Article

This post on Sales Generation Ideas is the final article of the 3 part series on Low Cost, DIY, Guerrilla Marketing Ideas.  A quick recap- In Part 1, we covered 12 clever ideas to generate Brand Awareness. We continued onto Generating Leads via 11 unusual DIY marketing ideas in Part 2. And here we are, all set to convert the leads into sales or generate more sales from existing customers. Are you buckled in for this quick, fast ride through…

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12 Low Cost Marketing Ideas: (Part 1) To Generate Brand Awareness – Marketing Article

This 3 part series on low cost marketing ideas is written specifically for you, if you are facing one of the following: Budget Constraints- You are a startup, are bootstrapped or you are an SME and have very limited funds or you are a big firm but most of your funds are currently blocked elsewhere and hence you are on the lookout for low cost marketing ideas Human Resource Constraints- You are either a one person army or you have a…

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