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Introducing our October Month of Giving – Litmus Software, Inc. – Marketing Article

October 4, 2019 By Jenn Fernandes We at Litmus believe that a company’s purpose is not only its products and services, but also the greater impact it makes in the communities where it lives. For us, this means that we care about making email better, but we also care about being engaged and making a difference outside Litmus and beyond the email community. It’s even one of our core values:  Litmus Core Value #5: Be Beyond Litmus We’re active in…

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A Peek Inside Litmus Culture: 2016 Annual Team Retreat – Email Marketing Article

March 15, 2016 By Kayla Voigt At Litmus, we strive not just to make email better, but to make ourselves better. We pride ourselves on our culture of collaboration and creativity (we even won an award for it!), and our relentless focus on our customers (you guys!). We’ve grown dramatically since last year, nearly doubling the number of people behind the magic with 24 new employees. With that, we’ve added talent from all corners of the globe. Our “remote first”…

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