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Love thy database: quantity vs quality – Email Marketing Article

When it comes to your email database, many people feel that the size of your database matters more than the quality. This, however, is not the case; the quality of your database far outweighs your number of subscribers.  What makes a quality database? A quality database is a database of opt-in subscribers that you communicate with frequently and that engage with your email content. Ideally, you know more about this database allowing you the opportunity to send segmented content and…

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What is List Verification and Why is it Important? – Email Marketing Article

With so many strategies to implement in the market these days – marketing automation, personalization, mobile experience — it can be tough to truly understand them all. If the importance of validating contact data has fallen into that mix for you, look no further. As the trailblazers of list verification, we are here to be your experts on this area of marketing and database management.    We’ve answered a few questions below that we hear most frequently around list verification.  1.…

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Check Your List Twice This Holiday Season – Email Marketing Article

It’s the holidays and so many marketers are under pressure to deliver on their lofty goals, beat last year’s numbers, and go from red to black as early as possible. Email is a low cost, high margin medium, and executives all over the world are turning to email marketing managers and their digital team in hopes that their email marketing program will propel the business to levels this holiday season.  Two common asks from the top?  1. Mail to more…

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