List management

5 Easy Tips to Keep Your Contact List Up-to-date – Email Marketing Article

Up-to-date lists are certainly one of the most important practices to ensure a low complaint rate and a high engagement rate. Don’t wait any longer! If you haven’t contacted your list in more than 6 months, consider sending a reconfirmation campaign. It’s a proactive way to… Ask your contacts to confirm that they’re still interested in the kind of emails you’ll be sending Weed out any emails that no longer exist Get proof of consent, in the form of a…

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Harsh Truth about Dormant and Blacklist Trap Addresses – Email Marketing Article

The term “trap” is very appropriate, in that these addresses are out there to catch people either not using proper list building practices, people harvesting emails, purchasing lists from a 3rd party, or marketers who have very poor list hygiene (whether knowingly or not*). The 1st kind are used by ISPs and are usually addresses that have been dormant for a long period of time and this can vary anywhere from a few years to as little as 6 months.…

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