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Social Media: 3 Tips To Better Connect With Your Customers – Mobile Marketing Article

In essence, social media is a two-way street, where brands can go beyond traditional push marketing, and truly engage with their customers to develop loyalty over time. Here are three tips your company can use to better connect with your customers on social media. Tip #1: Set Up A System To Never Miss A Notification If you are publishing high-quality content on your social media accounts and growing your audience substantially, chances are that your followers and your customers are…

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Connect, Manage, and Analyze Your Marketing Data » Martech Zone – Mobile Marketing Article

One project I’m continuing to work on for one of my clients is to build out marketing dashboards that provide some real data to make decisions on. If that sounds easy, it’s really not. It’s not easy. Every search, social, ecommerce, and analytics platform have their own means of tracking data – from engagement logic to returning or current users. Not only that, but most platforms don’t play well with pushing or pulling data to other platforms. Let’s face it……

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10 Ways to Double Your LinkedIn Impact in 60 Days – B2B Marketing Article

Last week, I presented at an event in Denver called the Sales Symposium – put on by the smart folks at the Sales Expert Channel. I shared strategies for building meaningful (and profitable connections). You can view the Slideshare presentation here, and a summary of the high points follows. Just Released on Amazon! My New B2B Revenue Growth Book The Expert’s B2B Revenue Growth Playbook: Actionable Strategies to Make Your Business Soar Written for business owners, marketing and sales executives,…

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