Link Building

3 Steps to Leverage LinkedIn for Link Building – Marketing Article

We all know that links are a critical part of SEO. Most of us also know just how difficult it can be to earn these links. You can probably relate. I’m sure you can remember putting in countless hours trying to find the right people to reach out to, followed by hours carefully crafting and sending your messages. And then… silence. And you wonder what went wrong. There are a variety of tools available for link building today. They range…

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Clickbait: Pros, Cons & How to Leverage Clickbait for SEO – Marketing Article

This Cute Puppy Shows This Homeless Veteran One Weird Trick for Weight Loss—and You Won’t Believe What Happens Next! This is the type of headline that’s dominated social media feeds for the past few years. It’s called clickbait, and while some have heralded it as a useful engagement style, most have harshly and vocally criticized it as tabloid-style sensationalism. Criticisms range from calling it gimmicky to insinuating that it’s responsible for the death of journalism, but no matter where you…

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Legal Marketing Trends for 2019 and Beyond – Marketing Article

Now that we’re more than 25 percent of the way through the calendar year, we’re beginning to get a feel for the shape legal marketing is taking in 2019. We’re also gaining some insights into how the industry is setting up for the immediate future. For law firms and attorneys, strategizing with these trends in mind will only enhance marketing ROI. These 5 Legal Marketing Trends Are Hot   For law firms, marketing can be more challenging than it is…

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