Joining a Franchise Helps Develop Business Owners – B2B Marketing Article

Franchisees get more than profits. Many people may think that franchises are just a new way to make money. They believe you take an existing business model, drop it in a new location, and watch the profits roll in. But franchise owners walk away with more than profits. They gain a greater understanding of how business works through hands-on experiences. There’s a lot to being a franchisee. You have to follow company processes. You’re accountable for spreading the company name…

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Your Secret Superpower for SaaS Customer Retention – B2B Marketing Article

Keeping customers is the most cost-effective way for B2B companies like yours to grow and thrive. A mere 5% increase in retention can increase company revenue by 25-95%. Your company’s efforts to retain customers should include the marketing team throughout the customer journey.

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Responses to Negative Data: Four Senior Leadership Archetypes. – Marketing Article

Not everything a company does works out. (That is different from everything that a company is doing not working out. :)) If you are in the data business – my bread, butter and tofu – you often carry the burden of being the bearer of bad news. The conversion rate is down 30% at launch. The goal was to deliver a 30% increase in revenue, the team delivered 1.7953%. During 2019, our Net Promotion Score has dropped 15 points. The…

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