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[Infographic]10 Reasons Why You Need A Lead Management Process This Christmas – B2B Marketing Article

As we come up to the end of the year it’s a time for reflection. So cosy up with a cup of cocoa and let’s think about what matters most this holiday season – just how effective is your lead management process? When lead revenue and profit are top of the marketing agenda, the pressure’s on to deliver performance marketing that demonstrates quick-fire success and an impressive ROI. But if the right lead management process is not in place, all…

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Lead Qualification; Does PANDA Outstrip BANT in the Long Run? – B2B Marketing Article

52% of marketers say they provide salespeople with their best quality leads, while salespeople rank marketing-sourced leads last. (HubSpot, 2017) Now’s the time to scrutinize your lead qualification methodology and understand what a ‘quality lead’ really looks like from both a marketing and sales perspective. Read on to discover how to transform your conversion rates and get your sales team back onboard. Reading time: 3 minutes Commonly, BANT qualification methodology has been used by sales to define what constitutes a…

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12 tips for successful lead qualification – B2B Marketing Article

B2B marketers understand the importance of qualifying a lead before it goes to a sales person, but sometimes the qualification process can get tricky.  Today, most established companies assign the qualification role to an SDR, or sales development rep, a dedicated function that has one foot in sales and one in marketing.  But it’s all part of a fairly complicated process. To establish process effectively, follow these 12 success tips.   First, set your qualification criteria in concert with your sales…

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