Lead nurturing

12 tips for successful lead qualification – B2B Marketing Article

B2B marketers understand the importance of qualifying a lead before it goes to a sales person, but sometimes the qualification process can get tricky.  Today, most established companies assign the qualification role to an SDR, or sales development rep, a dedicated function that has one foot in sales and one in marketing.  But it’s all part of a fairly complicated process. To establish process effectively, follow these 12 success tips.   First, set your qualification criteria in concert with your sales…

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The art of cold calling – B2B Marketing Article

Three in four decision makers have scheduled further communication or arranged meetings based on cold communication. Although cold calling has received a questionable name due to its arguably intrusive nature, this strategy undeniably works and continues to yield an impressive result for B2B organizations. To deliver a fully successful B2B sales strategy, you need to master the art of cold calling. Let’s discover what cold calling means, the legalities surrounding this process and some top tips for cold calling success!…

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The definitive list of essential sales pipeline metrics – B2B Marketing Article

There are hundreds of B2B sales metrics feeding into your pipeline. Each one offers your business a new piece of insight, but there’s always a limit. Too many metrics become a hindrance, confusing your team’s analysis. Considering an influx of metric data can miscommunicate information, rendering it irrelevant to your primary business goals. To help you achieve the ultimate B2B sales success, we’ve pulled together the definitive list of sales pipeline metrics. Here are the fundamental figures you need to…

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