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Communicating Culture, Values with Employee Testimonials – B2B Marketing Article

The Appli-Tec Mix Room team, photo © Appli-Tec. Photo credit: Al Ferreira Photography One of our Cultural Brilliance clients, Appli-Tec, updated its website in order to communicate its values-driven culture. The update also included the addition of a new Careers section that included open job listings, job benefits, and other information about working for Appli-Tec. As part of this work, the marketing team knew employee testimonials would help build trust and credibility with prospective new hires. The challenge, however, was…

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Three Positive Culture Attributes to Help New Employees Feel Welcome – B2B Marketing Article

You spend a lot of time and money searching for, interviewing, and then hiring a new skilled employee. But much to your surprise and consternation, the new employee tells you a few weeks or months later he or she is leaving for another job. “What happened?” you think. “I thought we had a great fit.” A new hire can leave for many reasons, but one of the more common reasons is a non-welcoming culture, which you, as the business owner…

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Apprenticeships: Building the Workforce of the Future, Today – B2B Marketing Article

Unemployment rates have reached records lows across many states, including Iowa (2.4%), Missouri (3.1%), Texas (3.7%), South Carolina (3.3%), and New Hampshire (2.4%). The Bureau of Labor Statistics states the ratio of unemployed workers to available jobs hovers at a record low, with 0.9 workers for every job vacancy. Due to the low unemployment rates, and the robust economy, the U.S. manufacturing industry is facing a potential 2.4 million positions unfilled between 2018 and 2028, according to the latest skills…

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