IT Communications and Networking

5G: The Here, Not Quite Here Next Generation of Connectivity – B2B Marketing Article

If you pay any amount of attention to cellular technology — wireless and broadband — you can’t escape discussion of 5G. Advertisements for new phones tout their 5G support. Wireless carriers breathlessly exclaim about their “Best 5G Network”. Technology pundits constantly predict how 5G will change how we all interact and connect. Yep, there’s an awful lot of excitement about 5G. But there’s just one problem. The Catch As a technology, 5G hasn’t even fully arrived yet. Even the users…

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Takeaways from WITI Boston’s Breaking Through Barriers: Climbing the Tech Ladder – B2B Marketing Article

Last night, Aberdeen had the pleasure alongside Randstad Technologies of hosting the Women in Technology International (WITI) event, Breaking Through Barriers: Climbing the Tech Ladder. The event was filled with interesting discourse regarding the gender and diversity gap in the tech sector between five female influencers — exploring ways to advance women of all levels, and backgrounds by addressing leadership and empowerment while simultaneously creating a culture of inclusivity. Photo credit: WITI Boston The speakers (left to right) included Kaye…

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