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The Long Game | New Product Sales – B2B Marketing Article

Does your sales team approach new product sales the same way they approach existing product lines? According to Darden School of Business Professor Thomas Steenburgh, new product sales look very different from selling existing products. Selling new products can require more face-to-face time with customers than when selling established products. Management also has to be patient with the fact that new sales just take longer to go through. However, getting new product sales right can generate huge returns in the…

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B2B Revealed Podcast | Going Beyond Brexit – B2B Marketing Article

In this episode, we discuss how Brexit will impact the world of B2B with Martina Bozadzhieva, market research Europe expert at DuckerFrontier. Bozadzhieva’s expertise comes from direct experience navigating business dynamics in the turbulent European market. You’ll definitely want to listen if you do business in the UK, France, or Germany. In This Episode: Current business trends and challenges in the UK. The companies set to benefit the most with a “hard” Brexit. Unique EU regulations that impact B2B businesses.…

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Is Your Sales Team Set Up To Succeed? – B2B Marketing Article

Improving win rates is within your control. After many B2B win-loss analysis research projects, we have found that simple adjustments can make a huge difference to the effectiveness of your sales team. Largely, it comes down to ensuring your sales team has the time, tools, and training to do their jobs. Sadly, this is all too rare in the world of B2B tech. We recently hosted four B2B sales experts on the B2B Revealed Podcast to learn what B2B sales…

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