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5 Channels To Include In Your B2B Lead Generation Toolkit – B2B Marketing Article

When developing an effective B2B lead generation strategy, there are a few questions you need to ask: “What are our key selling points?”, “How well established is our brand?”, “Who are our customers?” One particularly critical question is “What channels should we be using as part of this strategy?”  In this blog, we’ll be taking a look at five channels that you should consider for your B2B lead generation plan.

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How to Improve Your Telemarketing Using EQ – B2B Marketing Article

While some roles in an organisation require less emotional intelligence (EQ) than others, telemarketing is not one of them. Telemarketers, due to their high levels of engagement with leads or clients, are often the first to face a negative response from a lead or customer. Under these circumstances, one would think that companies would hire telemarketers with high IQ, or undergo EQ skills training. However, as many of us have likely experienced, this isn’t always the case. In this article…

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Do You Speak My Language? How a Common Tongue Connects People in Marketing – B2B Marketing Article

The importance of speaking the same language isn’t lost on global brands like Johnnie Walker. When they went global, they didn’t just do a direct translation of their classic phrase “Keep Walking”, but also included local quotes and phrases that were relevant to each language.  Language is deeply connected to many other aspects of who we are. South African comedian Trevor Noah, who now hosts the popular US programme The Daily Show, insightfully captures the importance of language: Language brings…

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