The Current State of GDPR Compliance in Marketing – B2B Marketing Article

We’re nearly 18 months removed from the implementation of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). After all of the panic leading up to GDPR enforcement, we can safely say that the marketing world has not grinded to a halt due to compliance challenges. But after Google was fined $57 million for violations earlier this year, previously theoretical GDPR compliance concerns became all too real. And for marketers, the pressure to adapt is mounting. Because third-party data plays such a…

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Solving 3 Brand Awareness Challenges with Intent Data – B2B Marketing Article

“If you build it, they will come.” Wouldn’t it be nice if life were that easy for B2B companies? Building a great product is only part of the battle. You know that there’s a lot more you have to do if you want to stand out among your competition. Unfortunately, there’s consensus among marketers that building brand awareness is one of the top challenges of the job. One reason brand awareness can be such a mystery is that it doesn’t…

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Which Intent Data Use Case is Right for You? – B2B Marketing Article

Using intent data to fuel your marketing activities seems like a no-lose situation. It’s an opportunity to gain deeper insight into the behavior of individuals in your target audience. With that information at hand, you should be able to improve the effectiveness of your marketing activities. At least that’s the promise of quality intent data. It’s why about half of B2B companies are already investing in intent data to some extent. But intent data shouldn’t be used as a magic…

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