Integration Spotlight

UpViral – Create a Viral Referral Campaign and Multiply Your Email List – Email Marketing Article

Step 1: You create an irresistible viral campaign with the help of UpViral’s templates. Step 2: People participate in your contests or giveaways by sharing your content on social media, like Facebook and Twitter. The more they share, the more “points” they get, and the more likely they are to win the contest! This helps you turn your visitors into an army of referral partners and create a viral loop where each new lead can potentially add more leads. The…

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Poptin – Create Custom Pop-ups & Forms That Display The Right Message at The Right Time – Email Marketing Article

First, you can choose to restrict your pop-up such that it only displays for new visitors or returning visitors.  Now, say you’re an eCommerce store, and you want to offer a special 10% promo code for visitors who sign up for your mailing list. Here, it makes sense to only display your pop-up to new visitors. This way, your customers won’t be able to abuse the system, and repeatedly sign up for your mailing list (using throwaway email accounts) just…

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The Sendlane BlogGatsby – Discover Powerful Influencers Within Your Customer Base – Email Marketing Article

As marketers, we all know the power of social proof. It doesn’t matter how revolutionary, amazing, or game-changing your product is. If you’re the one plugging your product and talking about how awesome it is, people automatically discount 50% of what you say. After all, you’re basically tooting your own horn — and that’s not cool. But what if it’s someone else (say, a micro influencer) who’s doing the gushing? This makes all the difference. We all know that micro-influencers…

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