Domino’s Pizza Serves Up Innovations In Tech and Customer Experience To Drive Business Growth – Marketing Article

The mobile revolution isn’t new. But, its deep impact on our behavior, standards and our preferences are just now coming to light. Smartphones have not only made us more connected, they have made us more curious, demanding and impatient. We know we can get what we want, where and when we want it. But for businesses to better compete, technology is only part of the solution. Businesses must now understand customer expectations as they continue to rise as a function…

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Capture Modes Debut in Adobe Scan as Sharing in Acrobat Soars – Mobile Marketing Article

Acrobat is more mobile than ever If 30 million Adobe Scan downloads sounds like a lot (and it is!), try to wrap your head around 500 million downloads. Acrobat Reader mobile has been downloaded more than half a billion times – that’s more downloads than the number of people who live in North America! Since Acrobat Reader mobile is built by Adobe, it works seamlessly with Adobe Scan and is packed with the essential PDF tools you need to be as productive on-the-go…

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How to Keep Up with Rapid Change in Marketing? – B2B Marketing Experiences – B2B Marketing Article

  Marketing is changing rapidly. Do you also have the feeling that marketing has changed more in the past 2 years than the past 50 years? Marketing is changing faster, I agree. Even stronger, most marketers today feel overwhelmed with the speed of change happening in the job we are passionate about. On top of that, marketers do not have a clear consensus on what areas to focus on in the future. And when they want to introduce new marketing innovations into the…

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