ITP 2.2: The Future of Tracking on Browsers – Mobile Marketing Article

Photo by Emily Wilson on Unsplash Digital marketers have been freaking out for the past year, and for good reason: the tracking methods they know and love are dead. Which is exactly why we have spent the last few months at TUNE building a solution that can solve for Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention 2.2 (ITP) for Safari, Mozilla’s Enhanced Tracking Prevention for Firefox, and others. In this post, I’ll review the current state of online ad tracking and how we…

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The middle ground for single keyword ad groups (SKAGs) Search Engine Watch – Marketing Article

Aside from perhaps the most unfortunate acronym in the industry, do single keyword ad groups (SKAGs) have a role in modern paid search? For many years, single keyword ad groups were the hallmark of good PPC strategy. And aside from a slight feeling of unease when saying the word, SKAGs appeared to offer much. In simple words, this was the practice of placing single keywords in an ad group, instead of a small group of closely themed keywords. This provided…

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