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What It Means for Manufacturers – B2B Marketing Article

August 2018 saw a huge Google algorithm update. Termed the “Medic” update, many websites that present medical, diet, or fitness information saw a large decline in traffic. SEO experts who track algorithm updates large and small believe this update tied back to an earlier one in February 2017, when websites that offer financial, legal, and medical advice were negatively impacted. Websites that allow for the purchase of products or services were affected as well as Google views these as YMYL…

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What is meant by “Ongoing SEO”? – B2B Marketing Article

“Any ballpark estimate for ongoing SEO/mo.? I’m trying to compare apples to apples. I’m used to dealing with companies who typically charge a fee of at least $500/mo for SEO services. My understanding is this has been mostly for monitoring the site for tech. issues, keeping up with Google changes, keyword/phrase research, tweaking to improve ranking and reporting several times a year. I’ve always disliked these arrangements as there is invariability very little accountability and I have little understanding as…

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Overcoming Manufacturing E-Commerce Objections | Huff Industrial Marketing – B2B Marketing Article

B2B e-commerce is huge – and continues to grow. According to data from Statista, manufacturing and merchant wholesale revenue in the U.S. in 2016 amounted to $5.79 trillion dollars in B2B e-commerce sales – growing at an average rate of about 200% per year for the previous 10 years. The reason for the growth is easy to identify: research has shown 93% of business customers prefer to buy online when they’ve decided what to buy and simply need to make…

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