7 Reasons Your Inbound Marketing Content Isn’t Working – B2B Marketing Article

Great inbound marketing relies on content that has the ability to captivate its audience and keep them coming back for more. Therefore, at the heart of every great inbound marketing strategy is a wide range of expertly crafted articles, blogs, videos and research papers. When done right, inbound marketing content creation can help businesses expand their audience, strengthen brand affinity, and ultimately drive leads and sales. But often, marketers feel that their inbound marketing content isn’t working – not driving…

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Which Tactics Should You Use? – B2B Marketing Article

When it comes to inbound marketing, there is a significant list of tactics at your fingertips. So which inbound marketing tactic should you be using? The short answer – there is not just one. According to our latest research, the majority of senior B2B marketers combine several tactics when building their inbound marketing strategies… But that doesn’t mean implementing every single option – in fact, only 5% said they utilize all methods available. So how do you go about choosing…

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Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing: What’s the Difference? – B2B Marketing Article

A lot of marketers may be wondering… What is the best approach when it comes to choosing between inbound and outbound marketing campaigns? Is one really better than the other? Are there benefits to deploying both types in your strategy? The truth is, inbound and outbound marketing don’t have to be enemies. Whilst the movement from invasive ads to subtle content may be the main trends, outbound still has a place in marketing strategies, and can be valuable and beneficial…

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